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Administrator / Office Manager Trainee

Job Description:

Big Mango Solutions an International Start-Up which develops Software Robots to help sales and customer service. Our office is near the Bang Chak BTS in Bangkok. We have a Board Of Investment (BOI) certificate in the category Enterprise Software. We use modern processes and methods in our work. Most of our staff and our customers are from Finland, a country famous for its high quality, education, and northern lights. More about our company on our main site:

We are looking for an Administrator/ Office Manager Trainee to join our growing International team. Do you have what it takes to work on an international level?


  • Thai language communication with accountant, Revenue Department, Social Security Office, Bank, Immigration, BOI. Visit the offices when necessary.
  • Learn to understand situations and think to find the right solutions
  • Prepare, scan, manage and send documents by e-mail and post
  • Assist management in other tasks which are necessary in day-to-day business


  • Can read and write both Thai and English languages
  • Able to work independently, find solutions to problems, and take initiative
  • Must understand accounting principles and have basic mathematics skills
  • Computer skills: Office programs, especially Excel/Sheets, e-mail
  • Want to learn to work in international level, learn to be manager 

What we offer:

  • Flexible work hours. No need to wake up early.
  • Can work from home, no need to come to office every day.
  • 2 days off/week
  • Salary for full time job (6 hours/day, 5 days/week) 25,000-40,000THB
    • The salary can be even higher if you can show us you are worth it!
  • Training, can move to manager positions. We use modern technology and train new skills to all employees.
  • No experience needed. Can be university student who works part time.

We are building an international high quality team, and are looking for smart young Thai nationals to join us. To us it doesn’t matter what clothes you wear or where you work from.  Only things that matter are that you can understand situations, think, and do high quality work.

Please apply by filling the form and answering the questions below:

Phone number
What is your education
Do you have a driving license for a motorcycle?

If there are two boys for every one girl in a class and there are 27 children altogether, how many boys are there?

What is the next number in the Fibonacci sequence: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ?

Which is the largest of these fractions?

What would 6⁄4 be when converted to a mixed number?

A dress is £40. There is a 10% discount off the dress. How much is the dress?

How many percent is 0.28?

Which is roughly equivalent to 67%?

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